Anonymous said:

can you guys check out my Zombie Sculpture Kickstarter? launched it last week and I need your help to make it successful. Thanks!

Sure but you’re anonymous ha

holytitsthewalkingdead said:

How long do you believe the dead will be mobile for? I think after maybe a year they would become immobile due to their bodies decomposing to a point where their muscles just no longer work.

Good question, I think thats dependent on how the zombies work, and what keeps them alive. Could be just like what you mentioned with the decomposing of their bodies, but they don’t necessarily need food/flesh to survive either if they’re “dead”

ghost-of-bari-shur said:

In the possibility of losing all equipment and being forced to fight or take out a zombie hand to hand, would you benefit more with Martial Arts or boxing skills?

Definitely boxing when it comes to combat.

Anonymous said:

What about waiting it out on houseboats? Create an artificial island. They have their own power source, but it does require gasoline. With enough wit and supplies it seems plausible, but there'd have to be scavenges involved more than likely. You have the advantage of the water around you and not to mention a good view of your surroundings if humans were threat. Pros? Cons?

"Create an artificial island". Might want to plan that one out first.

That’s the first con, simply because that’s a hell of a lot harder than it sounds. And it could lead to you being trapped, with no transportation (if shit goes down). What will be your sources for food? 

tokenhetero said:

My friend and I are having an argument about the best melee weapon to carry. He thinks it's a machete because they're more common than actual "useful" swords. I think it's a baseball bat because you can get more power behind it with two hands and there's no blade that will get dull. Thoughts?

I’m going to agree with you. Baseball bats obviously have no blade, no sharpening needed and don’t require any maintenance. Happy zombie bashing

hero-of-time-winds-and-legend said:

What you said about hammers is definitely true. Plus, they're top heavy, as in, there's a lot of weight at the top and not as much at the handle. It makes it a little clumsy, but it also adds to the momentum of your swing, meaning you'll hit harder. Another good melee weapon would be an aluminium baseball bat. They're long, durable, and can weight less than 1KG, so they're pretty light but will still pack a good punch.

ariabacon said:

What would you suggest as a good melee weapon for someone with low upper body strength? Obviously over time you would build up enough strength to use some of the heavier, harder to use weapons, but as a starter what is easy to swing that also would also deal enough damage?

Here is an excellent source for everything melee weapons 

Though underestimated, hammers (all steel) are very multi-purpose tools, easy to use, light and dont take up much room. It may sound a little off, but they’re practically unbreakable. I was going to say machete’s but the edges on machetes can fold over. Cheap, unproperly tempered samurai swords can snap too. Anything with a wooden handle can snap with a bad hit. Choose all steel. Those can give a good beating.

Anonymous said:

How do you think someone with insulin dependant diabetes would survive during a za?

josh-tron said:

Will a knife do any good in a zombie apocalypse? They make em seem effective in shows like TheWalkingDead.

Of course.